Sunday, February 3, 2008

February 2008

Dave and Jan remember Benue pounded yam This flower becomes a delicious soup

Jan buys onions at this guy's stall every market day.

Esther and daughter enjoy lunch

this isn't Osterizer grinder but it works!

Maguino the wood burner guy

his tools and the finished product


mimi ikurior said...

its really nice,observing the progress in afica and the world at large,a product of a kind heart,MISS ANGIE HOOLSEMA ,who assisted mine grand daddy,Evangelist Daniel Zenda several years ago,we really like to have her contacted, we learnt she ill now,pls do assist,that was in Mkar benue.

mimi ikurior said...

Hi,I really appreciate whats going on ,I can say am a product of this,Dad was sponsored by the missionaries,mum was trained by them,Their christlike love drove them to find God,My Dad,Rev Anyam is pastoring in one of the numerous churches in Benue,The initial post was a trial with less details,Miss Angie Hoolsema was working with Mkar Christian Hospital,Mkar,Gboko,Benue State,Nigeria.She shouldered most of my aunts ant uncles' school fees and all are doing great and accomplished,My grand daddy is an old evangelist,Daniel Zenda,She used to keep in touch via letters long ago but the family lost touch,My Mum,phoebe,really wants to hear her voice,we have been hearing she is a little bit under the weather,pls, i will deeply appreciate if you can help us contact and send her email and contact number will do too
this website was given to me by a friend
May the Lord God bless you in His Vineyard,
Becky Mimi Anyam

Aperr Naadzenga said...

Hi, Mimi my sister. I can identify with you considering our shared Tiv heritage. Thanks so much for your kind words about the missionaries. I am now here for my grad school in the United States and the last I heard about them was great news of Calvin College honoring them. I met with David and Janice at Minna some time in 2000, and later met with Larry and Rose VanZee. We can never outdo our giving by Praying for them all and the indelible legacy in our country Nigeria. I'm glad reading your post, Mini. Ushimashima is the name given to Brother Dave when he came to Tiv land.