Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation-time is over. What a bummer!

Jan is busy packing boxes as I type. She has been the packer for our family since she learned that from her mother during their many moves from pastorate to pastorate. This morning we saw Jayne, Aaron and Gabe off at the GR airport. They are headed back to Hawaii to join Bob who left last week. On Sunday we will leave from that same airport to travel back to Nigeria. The wonderful vacation-time has just about ended. We've enjoyed seeing family and friends--did lots of walks to the parks in GR, visited Dad's birth area and some relatives near Cadillac Michigan. Dad's 90th birthday event in Kalamazoo was great fun because all the sibs and their children and grands came for the party at Comstock CRC.

We've been poked and probed, screened and x-rayed and we're fit for duty. We've taken time to read and reflect on God's goodness here and in that part of the world where we've served for nearly 40 years. We are grateful to be able to go once more saying and showing that Jesus has risen so let's all live graciously.